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February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty – Black And White


I love using black and white when I take photos. Sometimes the image needs to be muted as colour is too in your face or it helps if something is slightly wrong. I often take photos of my son’s grave (like the one above) with a black and white filter as the grass isn’t always green and the filter covers a multitude of sins.

I also like using black and white with just hints of colour. I like to pull out the flowers and certain ornaments. I need to get better at it or find a better app.

I have a fantastic black and white canvas on the wall of my Milo looking straight into the camera. My husband took the image and the black and white just makes it much more special.



February Blog Challenge – Day Nineteen – Close Up


I love this type of photo, where the background is blurry. It isn’t quite perfect but I was using my phone and it was raining. My 4 yr old had fun though as she was puddle jumping while I was trying to get the correct shot.

I like the way the water had beaded up on the leaves and that will give the insects a nice drink. The biggest drop fell off the leaf just after I took the image.

I did this theme in my previous challenge and used a photo of a spiders web. I can’t decide which one I like best. Maybe one of you can decide for me.

November Photo Challenge #amsh2017 Day 3 – Close Up


February Blog Challenge – Day Eighteen – Flowers

I am not a big fan of flowers. Cut flowers just make me think of death and waste. I also usually kill any plant that is given to me unless it is one that doesn’t need watering. When I was younger Dale and I successfully killed off about 80% of mother in law’s plants when we were left in charge of the house. We apparently didn’t water them enough. We thought we had as we had nightly water fights while doing the watering but it wasn’t good enough. Kept her busy for the next few weeks re-potting and re-planting her precious plants.

The image I have chosen for this theme is from when my sister in law and I (plus my baby niece) went on a Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea. There were pretty roses on each table along with a Mrs Potts and Chip (milk and sugar). The roses were quite strongly scented for fake ones but that just added to the atmosphere. Luckily neither rose lost a petal while we were there 😉 .


February blog challenge – Days Fourteen to Seventeen – Minor Blip/Missed A Few Days

Unfortunately I didn’t realise that half term would take so much focus that I wouldn’t be able to find just a couple of hours to write my blogs for the week. Oh well, at least the children have some great memories and we had some lovely family and I got some me time ( going to the cinema by yourself is glorious, no whispering and no sharing your popcorn).

Days 14 – 17 will have slightly truncated posts so they all fit on this post.

Day 14 – Red


I was going to use a Lego heart for this post but decided to just use my kids instead. They didn’t understand why I was asking them to lean against the post box. My daughter thought we were going to post something and was heartily disappointed when we didn’t. Visiting her brother and being able to play with his birthday presents helped a lot though.

Day 15 –  Family

This is one of the themes from my previously unfinished challenge. Please use the link to read that post.

November Photo Challenge #amsh2017 Day 2 – Family

Day 16 – Money No Object

If I had all the money in the world I would buy the houses that my family currently live in.

Of course my parents house would be first on the list. I need them to be safe and secure as they get older.

I would then buy the house that my paternal grandfather built for my grandmother when he came back from the war. It is built on a hill and used to be called Hill Crest. It was a square house (previous owner extended it) with double frontage and a huge garage (my grandfather was car crazy). It is close to the park, so close in fact that you could stay in the house and still be able to watch their every move.

The final house would be one called Verendale. It is at the bottom of the hill that my grandfather built his house on. It is my ancestral family home. About 5 generations of my paternal family have lived in the house. It would still be in the family if my grandfather had been able to keep it once he lost his parents. Verendale is a beautiful thatched building. It is full of period features and has very low ceilings. It is next door but one to the local pub so nice and easy to pop in after work and even better it is just across the road from the graveyard so I would be able to see my Milo’s resting place from my bedroom window.

All of the above houses are in the village I grew up in. I would love to move back but we have been priced out of the market unfortunately for all properties apart from ones that are too small for my family’s needs.

Day 17 – Shadows


This shadow is of my Milo’s donkey. His name is Dexter and he lives on my bed. I did start taking him out whenever we went to different places so my Milo was included in any photos we took but I got too scared of losing him so now we use a teddy with Milo’s name on it instead.

My eldest helped me to take this image. I needed him to hold the light. By the time I had got a picture I was happy with he was complaining that his arms were aching from holding my old phone.




February Blog Challenge – Day Thirteen – Fire/Flame

I love fire. Before children I used to have candles burning whenever I was in the house. I now have to have fake ones because my kids are clumsy and I like my house unburnt.

I always light a candle in remembrance of people we have lost. I like to stare into the flame and spend some time thinking of the missing person.

When I was younger one of my favourite things to do was to sit next to a bonfire and drink. I may have done some stupid things relating to fire and jumping over them but who hasn’t done stupid things in their youth?

I am also quite proficient at cooking on an open flame. Give me an oven or hob and I burn water but I can do a 3 course meal on a fire. Venture scouts helped with that and also being the only girl in the unit

One of my best memories of fire/flame is from when I was helping out on a cub camp. We (ventures not cubs) decided to sleep next to the fire under the stars. I was laying there just staring up and thinking that the fire was about to go out as it was really low when this warm breeze came along and reignited the fire. It was beautiful to watch. I thought I was the only one awake but one of the lads sat up and it was nice to share the moment with him.


February Blog Challenge – Day Twelve – Makes Me Happy

Books and reading are my go to fun activity. If I don’t get to read (Thanks kids) for a few days I get a bit jittery. I like to lose myself in my books. My dream would be to have a library with bookshelves on all walls with a single comfy chair and spotlight.

I have always loved reading. I remember being a free reader at school from a very early age. Spending time in the library was a huge treat for me. Back when librarys were quiet places.

My home is filled with books. I have huge bookcases in my living room, multiple shelves in my bedroom and I also use the higher shelves in my son’s room too. I have plenty of new books to read and panic if there isn’t one.

I also enjoy reading the same book over and over. I have certain books that I like to read at least once a year. It’s like meeting old friends. It is comfortable reading them and I feel sad when the book/series of books come to an end.

I have just recently discovered e books. My e reader has revolutionised my away from home reading. Where I used to carry multiple books with me I know have so many in a tiny space. I am slowly purchasing my favourite books so I can read them when I wish but sadly funds are limited (again thanks kids).

My favourite genres are horror and crime. My favourite authors are Stephen King and Patricia Cornwell. I have every SK book written and I have the full set of the Scarpetta novels.


February Blog Challenge – Day Eleven – Pet

For this day I have chosen to focus on my cat called Xerxes. He was my boy before I had my human boys. He was the best cat ever. He would curl up and fall asleep next to me and then stay asleep when I moved him to his bed. He was a total wuss though. He was scared of his own shadow and would hide whenever anyone came over.

He had no issues when we had mice move into our old flat. The silly bugger would chase them but then let them eat his food and sleep with them next to him. If they got into our bedroom then he would go in and grab them but would drop them once back in the hallway. He would cope with the chasing and batting them about but once he was bored he would launch the poor mouse against the wall. He would never kill to eat though. He left that to his awful sister.

Xerxes was wonderful with Aiden. He would allow him to use his tail like a lead and would take any number of whisker pulls or whacks in the face ( we did stop Aiden as much as possible but toddlers are fast). Once he had reached his limit of being laid on and poked he would just get up and leave. He never once showed aggression towards Aiden. He did once get me pretty majorly but it was an accident. He was asleep on my chest when his sister jumped up on him and he lashed out, missed her and got my throat. That was extremely painful and it scarred me for ages.

Sadly we lost Xerxes when he was just 5 years old. He developed kidney failure and got very poorly. He refused to eat and he just wanted to hide/sleep all day. The vets said that he had the kidney function of a 15 year old cat. They said they could give him fluids to help and we tried that but after a few days he was back to hiding and not eating. We made the decision to stop his suffering and his last day was the 23rd of July 2011. Coincidentally a year to the day later is the day we buried my Milo.

Here is my beautiful boy having some play time in the garden. He never strayed far from home and much preferred to be in the warm and getting cuddles.