November Photo Challenge Fail

I started this challenge with such high hopes. I thought that as I created said challenge that I would be more motivated to complete it. As it turned out the opposite is true. As I had no other people participating I had no one reminding/prompting me to take and post my photos.

I also had much more going on this month than I thought I would. I have had a nephew’s birthday and my own birthday to celebrate (not that they came as a shock) but the planning was more detailed than I expected and then the PTA that I am on took up much more of my free time than I wanted it too.

The committee will have some very happy parents this month with the beautiful cards their children have created but the amount of work that went on behind the scenes to make them happen has been crazy. If I haven’t been actually working on them then I have been thinking about it and how to improve it for next year.

I have also been tasked with sorting the raffle for the Christmas fayre. This can be quite a stressful task, especially when all you are getting are no’s at every turn. I really thought that the fete wouldn’t have a raffle this year but as time has moved on and the fayre date has moved closer more prizes have started to come in and it is now shaping up to be an ok raffle that could be great if I spend more time on it.

The next photo challenge I do I will succeed at. I will make sure that I try it at a less stressful time, even though the run up to Christmas gives great themes to take. All the above might seem like excuses and that I could have done the challenge alongside the PTA stuff but something had to give.



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