#AtoZChallenge2017 Parenting After Loss, Day 2, Letter B – Birthday

This is another very important day in the life of a loss parent. It is a day to say “My child was born, they did exist and that we love them”.

Angel parents don’t get many special days for their missing child and this one is the main one. It can be a hard day to live through but I always find the run up is always 100 times harder.

This is a day to do whatever you need to do to celebrate your child. Eat cake, throw a party, blow out the candles and buy presents. Do whatever makes you happiest. While it is hard to celebrate when the guest of honour is not around, it is a day to smile and remember the good things from your child’s life.

My Milo has just had his 5th birthday (early February). As a family we decided this year we were going to make a cake for him. We don’t normally as my living children (LC) have their birthdays very close to his so we are usually overflowing with cake. The children chose a chocolate cake recipe. We, the adults, made the cake and my Milo’s siblings decorated it with lots and lots of stars and sprinkles. We then took it to M’s resting place to cut and share. The children then opened his gifts. This year we chose some glow in the dark trains to sit on the front of his headstone. He has quite the collection now. The trains are something nice to have on the grave but they are also something to distract my LC when we are visiting. They love to play with them and rearrange them for their brother.



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