Mother’s Day when one of your children are gone.

Today mothers, all over the country will be waking up to cards handmade by their offspring, wrapped gifts, lukewarm tea and if they are especially lucky, breakfast in bed. They’ll be surrounded by grinning faces and have one of their own. Mother’s Day should be all happiness and light but unfortunately not every mother has that.

Angel mummies with living children may also be doing the above but they will always have a tinge of sadness in their eyes and in their heart. While they try and show happiness they are hurting. They are happy that they have some smiling children surrounding them but there is one missing and that is all the more obvious on this Sunday. 

The pain of having a missing child on Mother’s Day is only matched by the pain of your mum being missing. Both ways are difficult. It is a day to celebrate being/having a mum. 

Angel mummies may spend some of their special day visiting their angel’s resting place. I know I will be. It will be nice to spend some quiet time tidying and sorting my Milo’s grave. I have bought him some new solar lights so he isn’t in the dark. I also have a new train for him too. 



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