Half term finished 

Here half term has been and gone. Today was the first day back and it was just as stressful as ever. Things were sorted the night before but still it was a giant rush to get out the door and we were nearly late due to a slow walking school kid and a fall from a kerb  (school kid not me). Anyway I digress, how was your half term? Ours was pretty family orientated. Daddy was on annual leave so I had an extra pair of hands.

The week started with a birthday. Little miss turned 3. The following two days were put aside to celebrating her birthday and seeing family.

One of the days the big kid and I went to hell on earth, the local soft play centre. It was loud and rammed. Luckily my friends got there first so we didn’t have to wait for a table like so many other patrons did. We mums could barely speak because of the noise. We were yelling over both the kids and the crappy music (what is the point on busy days? It just ramps up the volume). The last hour there was the best as other people started leaving so it got quiet and cooler. The kids also seemed to have more fun. 

We planned to visit the roald dahl museum later in the week but looking on line about it we decided that it would be great for little kid so we didn’t go. 

Big kid had his first ever trip to the cinema to watch Lego Batman. He loved it. Apparently the best part was the popcorn and when the lights went down. I was concerned that he might struggle with the volume but apart from a couple of hands over the ears moments he was good. Little kid didn’t like the fact that I was leaving her with her daddy again but I had to.

I also experienced the cinema by myself for the first time. I really wanted to watch a certain film but none of my friends were interested in watching it or had the available funds. It felt a bit weird initially but I really enjoyed it. Not having to share my popcorn or have someone whispering in my ear was great. 

Other days were spent chilling in the house or visiting the local park (local as in directly next to the house). Both kids played/watched someone play minecraft a lot but it’s half term and it meant we got some peace. We also had some family board game time. Big kid loves monopoly but little kid needed to be sleeping to play as she just doesn’t get it. 


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