Birthday’s been and gone

My small brood have now all had their birthdays. From the start of January to mid February it is just birthday planning, shopping for things they didn’t get for Christmas and searching for the perfect ornament for my Milo.

Luckily only the big one had a party this year. He and a few friends came bowling with us. They loved it and the birthday boy won which was great and in no way set up.

Milo’s birthday was harder to celebrate. How can you be happy/have a party when the guest of honour is missing? My living children made and decorated a cake for him. This is something we have never done before and I am not sure we will be doing it again. It felt too weird even though the other kids loved it ( and it tasted fantastic).

The littlest’s special day has just been and I feel like I didn’t do enough for her. She enjoyed her day I think, as her daddy was home too but there was nothing out of the ordinary. We went out to a local cafe for lunch and then had a small play in the falling snow. She liked seeing the family and opening her presents which I guess is great for a 3 year old. I was hoping to take her out to a local safari park but it wouldn’t have been enjoyable as it was so cold and snowy.

Next year I must do better. I think I will book another joint party like last year as that seemed to go down really well and was easy to organise.

Maybe we will have to visit the safari park on my Milo’s anniversary.


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