Blocking on Facebook

Do you block on Facebook?

Is it childish or is it the adult way of dealing with someone you don’t like?

This evening I have been called childish and lacking maturity for blocking someone in one of my birth groups. The blocked person really wound me up and every time I would see her name it would just bring all the anger and frustration back to the surface. To stop that happening I blocked her.

Now I know she is slating me behind my back for it but I don’t give a shit. The blocking enabled me to stay in the group. Granted, it makes certain threads difficult to read but that is a small price to pay for anger free Facebooking.

Another person I have blocked is because all she does is whinge about her supposedly shitty life and any time someone offers up a solution she craps all over it and uses excuses as to why that won’t work. She never tries the suggestions so I got fed up of trying to help and having that help thrown back in my face so she was booted. I finally felt free in the group and I went back to loving the group rather than dreading what she was going to come out with next.

I also have a couple of other people blocked as they have children or dogs called Milo. I just can’t cope with seeing people using the name. I don’t have my Milo so why should I have to see theirs. Most people I have blocked for this reason I have told beforehand but I had a bad reaction from one so I have stopped telling them.


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