End of 2016

As we come to the end of another year my thoughts turn to how the year has been and what the New Year could bring.

I have had quite an uneventful year. Nothing of note has happened. This is the first even numbered year since 2010 that I haven’t given birth and it feels odd. 

We haven’t moved house, changed car or gone on an expensive/special holiday.

My Milo should have started school in September. I have avoided being around the new starters as much as possible. I can’t cope with seeing them and knowing that the parents would be my friends.

My living children are doing well. A had finally clicked with his reading and has started to expand his friendship group. L can now hold full on conversations and has a great understanding of what she wants and what I want her to do. 

In 2017 I expect no big changes until September. A will be starting a new school and L will be starting nursery. I may go back to work part time but I doubt it. 

We will stay in the same house and continue to drive the same car and I hope D will stay in the same job. 

I have no major hopes for next year. I find I just get more disappointed when they don’t come to fruition. 

Next year would be my Milo’s fifth birthday. The whole ‘time heals’ is bullshit. As we get further from the time I last held him the harder special days become. 





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