Tree of life BREAST milk photos. 

There is a current trend going around Facebook breastfeeding/exclusively pumping mum groups.

These photos all look fantastic. They are a celebration of mums giving their baby the best nature has to offer. Be it direct from source, tube fed or in a bottle, these images are trying to normalise breastfeeding. 

Formula feeders are jumping on this band wagon. They need to jump off. The tree of life has nothing to do with a man made substitute. They need to back off and leave this trend to us breast milk feeders. 

Why do they have to muscle in on something that is bringing awareness of longer term breast milk feeding? Lots of these photos are showing older toddlers feeding which is fantastic as usually these mums don’t share those photos due to the vile comments you can get.

My Milo was unable to suckle from me but if he had I would be sharing his photo everywhere. I would make one up with his tube but unfortunately the tube is too small for me add the tree. 

 Formula feeders find your own trend and share that to your hearts content and leave this one alone.





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