Decorating my Milo’s grave for Christmas. 

At the weekend my husband, living children and I went to visit my Milo’s resting place and to take him his new decorations.

How I wish I was buying him proper presents but that is not my journey. 

The kids were excited to take the stuff down as they has chosen some bits for him. 

A helped me position all the things. He decided which colour tinsel went in what position, where the new snowman went and which lights need to be on.

While making my Milo ready for Christmas I was constantly reminded of what/who I am missing. This is the 5th Christmas without him and each year just gets harder and the Milo shaped hole in the family get larger.

I wish I could have spent longer with him but the kids were getting cold and so I had to put them first. 

I hope to make it back on Christmas day but only if family will allow me to be missing for part of the day.




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