Children in Need

This is a fantastic charity who help many, many children and their families across the UK. 46.5 million has been raised so far which blows me away. I know the public are always good at donating but the amount goes up every year.

The hardest part of the show for me is all the videos from the families that need the help. We see right into their pain and daily struggle. Nothing is held back from the viewer which, I believe is why the amount raised is so high. 

The videos make me think about what my life would have been like if my Milo had survived. I know that we would have needed one of the hospices that are supported by Children In Need. It is the one most local to our home. We were given info about it and met a staff member before we realised how poorly my son was and that it was most likely he would be gone before he was strong enough to go there.

While watching CIN I began to look around my home and think about what changes we would have made if my Milo had comes home. A through floor lift would have been a necessity as would a bathroom/wetroom downstairs. My eldest would have needed to move bedrooms as he had (still does) the bigger one and Milo would have needed the space. 

My husband and I would have become like ships in the night with him working and me caring for my boys. We would also have had to employ a nurse as my Milo would have needed 24 hour care. My daughter would have never been born. It wouldn’t have even been on the radar to bring another child into the situation . 

I wonder if we would have been able to access other things supported by CIN, not just the hospice. I wonder if our story would have been featured in a CIN video. 

All of the above changes would have been so hard on my family, life and budget but I would have done them in a heartbeat if it meant I could have everyone under one roof. 

People ask how you cope, you just do. This is your challenge and you take what it throws at you head on. 



Last night being fireworks night it was a prerequisite that there would be loud bangs and bright colours. The kids and I had a great time watching them from the bedroom window and the conservatory. We ooo’ed and arr’ed with the best of them.

We then went and had our own mini display at my parents. My god it was cold. Both kids were wrapped up in some many layers they could barely move. Eldest has a torch with which he took great delight in blinding his dad and grampy at any given moment. My youngest was a little more apprehensive and she wanted to be held a lot or watch from inside the greenhouse.

The mini display was fantastic. My parents had got a lovely selection of explosives. My dad and husband have worked out a system since we started doing these mini displays 4 years ago. The first one was the year my Milo passed away.

The kids loved the bangs and my daughter especially liked the crackle ones. My favourites were the rockets and the multi-shot cannons.

Here are some of the photos of last night. We were not that close to the fireworks. I have cropped them.

The bottom photo and the long firework shot just above it are of the rocket that we sent up just for my Milo. We like to have one just for him.