Capture your grief – Day 29 – Give Away Your Love 

​Today’s mission was to spread kindness wherever you went. 

I have tried to keep a smile on my face today. Out walking I smiled / said hello to everyone who met my eye. While it was not my only contact of the day, it may have been theirs so I wanted it to be nice. 

I spent some time with my living children doing their favourite things. With Lilith I went through her photo album. I told her who each person was and allowed her to tell me the ones she knows. With Aiden I played paw patrol rescue with him. He loves driving the little trucks around and saving his teddies or the other paw patrol members.

I also helped out a fellow Pokémon hunter. She was after a few new ones to add to her dex and I was able to tell her where they might be. I saw her a short time later and she had a big smile and said thanks as the Pokémon were exactly where I said they were. This made me feel great as I had helped her and “made her day” (her words)



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