Capture your grief – Day 23 -Sounds, Seasons and Scents.

Making a snowman reminds me of my Milo. The day before he was born I was sat in the conservatory watching my Aiden and Dale making them. They were having a great time and all I could think was next year there would be two little boys out there building snowmen with their daddy. How wrong I was.

The smell of a hospital ward triggers bad memories. I can remember the smell of the neonatal ward vividly. It is both the floor cleaning products and the soap that I had to repeatedly use when with my Milo.

The songs that make me thing of my son are “There you’ll be” by Faith Hill and “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. We chose these songs for his funeral. One for on the way in and one for the way out respectively. Unfortunately there was a technical issue on the day and Baby Mine didn’t play properly but it was there in spirit.

I used to hum Baby Mine when I was holding my Milo. It seemed to calm him. It could have been the song or it might have been the vibrations. He also would rest his head close to my heart whenever I held him.



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