Capture your grief – Day 19 – Grief rituals

My grief rituals are kept to my Milo’s birthday and angelversary apart from a couple of them. 

My first non special day ritual is every time I visit a beach I will write/create my Milo’s name. I also write my friends angel names too. I know seeing my boy’s name makes me smile so I like to do the same for others. My SIL also does this for me too. 

My second non special day ritual is creating a special image at Christmas for my fellow angel parents. Last years was a tree and a quote about not needing a star on said tree with the name underneath. Doing this helped me show that our angels are not forgotten. 

My special day rituals are 

  • Visiting my Milo for as long as I can. His birthday is early February so it is usually too cold/wet to spend the day with him.
  • Reading a different story each time when sat next to his grave. The first book I ever read to him was the gruffalo. 
  • Taking a gift for his grave. I cannot buy many presents for my son but I like to make sure he has something new on special days.
  • Clean the headstone. While this is done at other times of the year I will always clean on special days.
  • Light his special named candle. It was bought by my birth board, just after we lost my Milo and it is only lit on special days.
  • Take a photo of his grave with his siblings standing either side. This is the closest thing I will get to having all 3 in a photo.
  • I used to let off helium balloons but I no longer do this. I saw a programme about how dangerous they are to birds and it stopped me. 



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