Capture your grief – Day 13 – Dear World

Today is a day to share with the world something that is in my heart about my grief.

Dear World – I may cry when talking about my Milo but please don’t stop asking about him.

Dear World – I am so scared my Milo will be forgotten. I can see it is already happening with some people, even ones who met him. They just don’t bother with him anymore. 

Dear World – I will never stop trying to educate mothers who put their unborn child at risk. I want to do my best to stop anyone else taking a step on my path.

Dear World – I want my boy back. I need him back. Every ounce of my being screams to hold my boy again. I have to make peace that he is gone.

Dear World – I will always celebrate/mark his special days. If you don’t want to then that’s okay, but you won’t stop me just because you feel uncomfortable. 



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