Capture your grief – Day – 12 – Lemons and Lemonade.

There are two positive things that have come from the loss of my Milo.

1. My online angel parent friends. While we are all members of a club that no one chooses to join, knowing that they are around means the world. We are on our own separate journeys but we are also ‘all in this together’. Having someone to talk to that has a complete understanding how I am feeling helps me on my darkest days.

2. This positive made my life change again and she turned my world upside down and still does repeatedly. She makes me smile through the tears and gives me a second reason to get out of bed in the mornings. When she was born she was the spitting image of her missing brother but as she grows she is looking less like him and more like a little girl but sometimes I look at her and she has the same cheeky glint in her eyes like he had. I do feel sad that she never got to meet her little big brother but she will know him. 

I am, of course talking about my beautiful 2.5 year old daughter Lilith Annabelle Kida. 



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