Capture your grief – Day 10 – Symbols and signs.

My symbol for my Milo is a Red Kite  (bird of prey not an actual kite).

The red kite first became a symbol for my Milo when he was still alive and staying at the John Radcliffe hospital. There was a nesting pair and when I could see them flying/circling I knew I was getting close to being able to hold my boy. 

We had one visit the church on the day of his funeral too. It hovered as we arrived and it was still there as the ceremony ended. It flew off as my Milo’s coffin was placed back in the hearse for the journey to his final resting place.

Whenever I or my living children see a red kite we always stop and watch it fly until it goes out of sight. Both children wave and say “Hi Milo”.

I hope to have a tattoo of one soon. It will be on the right side of my chest as that was where my Milo would rest his head when I held him. 

I’m not sure I fully believe in signs from my boy. I’d like to think he was visiting us from time to time but I also like to think he is somewhere having fun with the other babies who are gone too soon.



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