Capture Your Grief – Day 8 – Beautiful Mysteries

Today’s theme is something that I think of regularly. I don’t choose to do this but whenever I see children my Milo’s age (especially my niece) I always wonder.

In my dreams I see my Milo as a rambunctious 4.5 yr old who has just started school. He would be running around in my garden with his big brother and they would drive me crazy being loud boys. They would want to be constantly on their bikes/trikes.

I think he would look a lot like his big brother as they both share the same syndrome. I think he would be a brown-haired, brown-eyed adorable little boy. I’m pretty sure he would be quite short too. I hope he would be gentle with other people and animals.

I know he would enjoy everything that his brother likes. He would be sharing a Paw Patrol themed bedroom and be on the bottom bunk. I hope on days he woke early that he would come into my room for snuggly cuddles.

In reality my Milo’s life would have been very different. I know he would have been my smiley boy, like he was when he was here. He probably would never have walked or talked. We would have spent much time going back and forth to the hospital because his lungs wouldn’t have coped with even the smallest of colds. His life would be constant medications and staying away from people in case he got sick. He would never have started school or left my side.







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