Capture your grief – Day 7 – Myths

  1. Time heals – As I said yesterday it doesn’t, it just helps you learn how to deal with the pain.
  2. Grief has an end – Nope, I will always grieve for my Milo. He will always be missing from my life.
  3. Grief follows the same pattern for everyone – It doesn’t. I know many ladies on the same journey as me and each one of us have hit the different points at different times. 
  4. Once the firsts (birthday, Christmas, angelversary et al) are over they become easier – for me they are getting worse, especially my Milo’s angelversary. It means that another year has passed without him in my arms.
  5. My (mothers) grief is worse than my husbands (fathers) – he may hide his better but his loss is just as strong as mine.
  6. Once grieving is over you return to ‘normal’ – what is this normal? I will never be the same person I was 4.5 years ago. Having and losing my Milo intrinsically changed me. This is my new normal.
  7. Having a rainbow baby makes things easier – I found it made my life harder. The stress of the pregnancy, the anxiety over the birth and watching Lilith grow and hit milestones that my Milo would never do is painful as hell. 



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