Forgetting my son

I understand that my Milo passed away nearly 4 years ago but is that any reason to forget him. One set of his grandparents have chosen to go away on his angelversary and when I called them on it, they didn’t even recall the importance of the date straight away.

I hate that people always forget that I have 3 children. The two livings ones are never forgotten so why does my beautiful boy. It’s not his fault he is no longer here.

Even friends who were with me when he was alive and after his death have forgotten. They think I should have gotten over him by now. I will never get over losing him. I wil always be missing a part of my heart and will always be broken.

My online community remember my son more than his actual family and loved ones. They know his name and hopefully there will always be someone remembers my boy.

I do have one sister in law who I can rely on. She always remembers special dates and will bring him something small home when she goes on holiday. I would have been lost without her.



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