Paw Patrol

My two living children adore this show. In fact, one of my Lilith’s first words was Marshall. Aiden plays it all the time at school with his friends and it is the first thing Lilith asks for when she has TV time.

I get the premise but it is totally not based on reality. Where in this world would you find such an incompetent bunch of adults that are completely reliant on a 10-year-old and a bunch of juvenile dogs.

How did Captain Turbot become a captain? Did he steal the boat and proclaim himself captain?

How on earth does a chicken be deputy mayor? Surely Chickaletta would poop in that handbag.

The merchandising has also gone crazy. Granted we have every version of the soft toys and all the cars ever produced but there is so much other stuff out there too. They even do full party sets with plates, cups, bowls, decorations and filled party bags.

I don’t know if my Milo would have liked Paw patrol but I guess he would have been subjected to it even if he hated it.


One thought on “Paw Patrol”

  1. And how long do the pups stay pups?? They never grow up. My little ones also adore this cartoon. They even play ‘Paw Patrol’ in the playground. It is contagious too – the first time my son asked to watch it he had heard the name wrong from a friend at school. He requested ‘pop trolls’. Several frustrated googling attempts later and I still had no idea what he wanted me to find. Only when he went and found an advert for a toy in a magazine did I finally understand what it was. He knew about it long before we watched it on TV! There’s no escape! Lol

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