School places

This weekend is the start of the scrabble for school places. Anxious parents are awaiting an email or a positive log in to their respective council website.

Monday morning (very early) there will be tears of both joy and sadness. Some parents will be going to bed with a satisfied smile on their face while others will be thinking of how to start battle command to get their child into the school they believe they should be in.

I can sit back and watch this scramble and know that while I should be in there with them, I am glad that it is not something I have to deal with for another 2 years.

My Milo would probably not have even gone to school, or if he did it would be a special school so I wouldn’t be involved in the scrum for the oversubscribed schools.

I do feel sad that another milestone has passed without him but I can’t be too sad. Now, the first day of school and all the obligatory photos in front of a door with shining shoes and sightly oversized uniform will make me sob.





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