School run mums part 2

In my last post I forgot a few mum types.

The sporty/gym mum who tries to make everyone feel bad by coming in her Lycra outfit and talking about how she just needs to lose those last few pounds. This is usually said while someone is chowing down on a doughnut.

The two faced mum who slates the school or the teachers while waiting to do pick up or drop off but as soon as a teacher is in ear shot she becomes Mrs nice and complimentary. She smiles at them but then rolls her eyes as soon as the back is turned.

The slummy mummy who wear the same stuff two/three days running but tries to hide it (badly) and who usually has their hair in a ponytail to hide the unwashedness of it.

The early mum, more seen at pick up than drop off. She is always there more than 15 minutes before let out time but then whinges that she has been waiting for ages.


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