School run mums part 2

In my last post I forgot a few mum types.

The sporty/gym mum who tries to make everyone feel bad by coming in her Lycra outfit and talking about how she just needs to lose those last few pounds. This is usually said while someone is chowing down on a doughnut.

The two faced mum who slates the school or the teachers while waiting to do pick up or drop off but as soon as a teacher is in ear shot she becomes Mrs nice and complimentary. She smiles at them but then rolls her eyes as soon as the back is turned.

The slummy mummy who wear the same stuff two/three days running but tries to hide it (badly) and who usually has their hair in a ponytail to hide the unwashedness of it.

The early mum, more seen at pick up than drop off. She is always there more than 15 minutes before let out time but then whinges that she has been waiting for ages.


School run mums

When dropping my son off at school I notice there are quite a few different types of mums doing drop off pick up.

There are the working mums looking all smart that just want to drop and run. They seem to be most frustrated if their child needs an extra cuddle.

There are the mums who plan on going back to bed as soon as they get home as they have stayed in their pyjamas with their bed head hair do’s.

There are the mums who have the younger children who need to be restrained but are allowed to run riot. These mums don’t give a monkeys about their toddler who is eating sand or painting over some other child’s masterpiece. Sometimes these other children are screaming and shouting and the mums just don’t care.

There are the mummy cliques that drop their voices if a non member pass by or they just get in the way chatting in their little group. They are the ones who are always picking each others kids up or going on play dates, which are always talked about loudly the day after.

There is always a loner mum who stands on the outskirts of everyone. She either looks like she wants to join in but is afraid or she stands there with a scowl on her face because no one is including her.

You have the mums who are always the last through the door. They rush in and scream at their child because they are dragging their heels. They also seem to forget something. That thing is usually a different item each week.

There is also the ‘normal’ mums who chat to most other mums and take care of their younger children while dropping off their school age child. They are rarely late and only occasionally forget things.

I watch all these different mums and see how they all interact, or don’t with everyone around them and I see that most don’t realise that they are so lucky to have a child to take to/collect from school. I know my Milo wouldn’t have gone to a mainstream school at all but I wonder about what type of mum I would be if I had to do his drop off. I would probably be rushing around after getting my eldest to his school first.

The Royal Baby

First I want to say congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter. I can’t wait to find out what they are calling her.

I have watched the coverage of the birth through the veil of being an angel mummy. I wasn’t bothered by the gender of the baby but more by the fact that he/she would be well and they would get to take a healthy baby home. Seeing the royal couple with their new daughter didn’t hurt me, it didn’t make me miss my Milo more or wish I had done that.

Having spoken to others in the baby loss community it seems I am almost alone in feeling like that. Most angels mums are full of jealousy/resentment that they have brought a baby from the hospital in a car seat rather than a coffin. Most have cried over the amount of interest in this baby whereas their own seems to be forgotten by their family.

I wish the new princess and her parents all the well in the in world and I hope they are able to enjoy these first few days without feeling the intrusion too badly.