The London Marathon

Just been watching The London Marathon on the telly. It is so inspirational to see those thousands of people out there running for charities that are so close to their hearts.

I have been quite emotional watching it. Some of the stories are heart breaking, just like my own. Those mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents running for their lost child family members has had me tearing up a lot of the morning.

I wish I had the fitness level to be able to do the same next year. I would raise money for the hospital that helped my Milo so much in his short life. The nurses were fantastic and they loved him so much. I didn’t feel like I was leaving him with strangers, he was with his extended family if I couldn’t be there.

I want to help them so much. I want the parents journey to be made easier. I want the nurses to have everything they need to help them care for other children like my Milo was cared for.

I guess I will put my name down for a place on bank holidy monday and wait to see.


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