Symbols and signs

I have many symbols and signs that I take comfort in.

If I see a red kite (the bird not an actual kite) then I see that my Milo is popping by for a visit. I also like to get a donkey if possible as his toy was Dexter the donkey. He was also buried with a soft donkey, not Dexter though. I needed him.

These signs are very personal to me and mean a lot but I do not own these signs. If another angel mummy also sees their angel being close if a red kite flies past then brilliant. Anything that helps someone on their journey is fantastic.

Some angel mummies believe they own certain things and that because something rare is attributed to their angels memory then another angel mummy should not use that sign. This is total crap. Our lives are hard enough without anger and jealousy.

I hope that an angel mummy can find comfort in the long days and nights ahead. These symbols can bring light and warmth to the darkest coldest places of our existence. They are for sharing and caring not hiding and fighting.


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